A while back I picked up the Domino DF 500 Q from Festool. There is an XL model that maybe one day I'll have too. This is like a biscuit cutter on steroids. Except the biscuit is more for aligning and not so much for strength. You can use dowels, but they can rotate in the joint. You won't get a domino to twist in the joint, and dominos are strong.

I made a night table for my son and used two dominos per end on each of the aprons. That is a total of sixteen dominos, or to do it the old way, sixteen mortises and sixteen tennons. I made the table in about a half a day. I might still be cutting mortises by hand if I would have gone that way. Nothing wrong with making mortises and tennons, I'm just real slow that way.

I dry fit the aprons to the legs and then set the top in place. Seeing as it was the first time I made anything with the Domino, I stepped up on the table and kind of marched in place. The impressive thing was it stayed together with no glue! Another great tool from Festool.

You can watch a short video here

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