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Easy Wood Tools


I have fallen in love with these tools. The first time I saw one I didn't know what to think. I talked to a couple long time wood turners and they couldn't say enough good things about them.

When you look at these tools, the first thing you'll notice is they don't really look like other turning tools. They don't work like other turning tools either. That's the great thing about them. The name came about because it makes turning EASY for everyone.

Visit Easy Wood Tools from this link and see the entire line of products

The first one I bought was the CI3 mid size finisher.

When I brought it home, I wanted to give it a workout to see if this was something special or just hype.

I mounted a square piece of cherry and sped my lathe up to make it harder to work. As soon as the tip touched the wood, I had saw dust flying!

Each tool has a beautifully finished maple handle and a very stout stainless steel bar that the carbide tip is mounted on. The cutting tip is the greatest idea. On the cI3, the tip is a small circle. Without measuring to be exact, it's about 3/8 of an inch around, and the tip is sharp enough too cut you if you don't respect it. And who wants a tool that isn't that sharp?

There is a screw in the center of the tip and all you do once the edge isn't as sharp as you like is loosen the screw, using the included hex wrench, and rotate the tip and you have a brand new sharp edge.

If you are just getting started in turning, you'll soon learn there is a whole market out there to spend money on just to sharpen your tools. And depending on how much of a budget you want to lay out for sharpening things, there is a tool or jig just for you.

Take a look on the internet. Just Google "sharpening lathe tools". You'll find high speed grinders, slow speed grinders, wet and dry grinders. You'll find large and small belt sanders, buffing wheels, bunches of compounds to buff your tools and I mean, your budget will get ruined in a hurry.

I have a bunch of jigs to sharpen just lathe tools. I have a bench grinder and a very nice honing guide. All told, I'm in the hole about $800 to $1000.

I could have bought a new lathe with that money. With the Easy Wood Tools line of tools, you don't sharpen. You loosen the screw, turn the tip and tighten it back up.

And what is even better, when you've used up the cutting surfaces, loosen the screw and take it out. take the tip off the bar and throw it away. Just replace the old tip with a new one. They run from $12 to around $18, depending on where you buy yours. I was still using the same surface on my finisher after four months. At $12.59 currently,per tip, you can see how many tips I will go through before coming near the price of one jig. And a wet grinder? I'd need a calculator to figure that out...


Note: I have removed the link to the HOW TO SHARPEN EASY WOOD TOOLS. I made a bit of a joke video on how to sharpen the Easy Rougher. A lot of people that watched that got mad because I just changed the tip and didn't show them how to actually sharpen it. That video got some nasty comments sent to me, and probably to EWT as well. So I have taken that one off or made it private until I can remove it.


Years ago, I didn't have enough sense to buy tools individually so I bought a beginner set. Six chisels in a box and they said I would need them all.

Later I bought another set and I have some in the shop I never did use.

The Easy Wood Tools line doesn't sell sets or kits. Each tool can do several projects. That is how you can tell these tools sell. They don't have to package up a couple best sellers along with some duds to get rid of the tools that don't sell.


My first one, designed to finish the wood after it's been roughed out, was used as a gouge to round the cherry blank. Then I used it as a round nose to cut some designs in the wood. Finally I smoothed the surface with very light passes. There are three different tools in one and I didn't spend $100 on that tool.

The segmented bowl I show on the past projects page was done completely with the CI3 mini finisher.


Here is a link to watch the CI3 in action. A video turning a bottle stopper from tulip wood. It's a bit long but it is one of those start to finish stories.

Watch the Mini Finisher in action here


I am a charter member of the "Bigger is Better" club. So the next tool I picked up was the Easy Rougher. This tool is a beast! You can do some serious turning with this one! When I picked it up the first time, after what I knew about the Easy Finisher, I just knew it was going to work great! I have a video on You Tube showing my first time using the Easy Rougher. Watch it and you'll see how fast it takes a piece of curly maple from rectangular to round. And you can make that happen a lot faster than I get it done if you want to hog the wood away. This tool will really make saw dust!

With the performance I got out of my first tool, I couldn't wait to see how the Easy Rougher would work. It could probably be considered a gouge, but it is so much more.

With the Easy Rougher, I can plunge the tip straight into the wood and when I start to pull it back out, I can move it right or left and the edge of the cutting tip will continue to cut as I pull it back out of the wood.

The video I made was a first time video. Meaning I hadn't even tried it out before shooting. I pulled the tool out of the case and had the wood mounted already. When you see the tip hit the wood, that is also the first time I saw it hit the wood.

I figured if it didn't work, I'd know and I sure would have had something to say about what a disappointment the tool was or what a let down after so much build up. That was never the case. That piece of curly maple was round in no time and I was going a lot easier than what it could actually do. I went side to side because I was treating it like a gouge. I wasn't even using the tool correctly and it worked great. Using it the correct way it goes even faster. I'll get a better video out there soon.

Make sure to wear some sort of eye protection when you use any woodworking tools. This guy will cover you in saw dust so remember the glasses and a dust mask as well.

Watch the video here


Recently I watched a video where a guy held the Easy Finisher wrong and then let on like the tool wasn't all it should be. Use any tool the wrong way and you should expect less then good results.

Here is a video showing how to hold the tool, and how not to hold it. I'm turning a segmented bowl of maple and walnut. The bowl is very rough on the outside because there is glue squeeze out and points where the angles meet. I don't spend any time at all turning the bowl and it becomes smooth and round that fast. It was just showing how fast the Easy Finisher can work and how much wood it will remove in a hurry.

Watch the Easy Finisher turn a segmented bowl

Other videos will be added as I have time to film them. And if you can't tell I love these tools from a
video, try one for yourself and see. It really does make turning fun and I don't have to set a day aside to sharpen my lathe tools now.

If you buy any one of the Easy Wood Tools, please email me from the home page and let me know how you like them.



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