Grip-Tite 2000 magnetic feather board system


This is the best safety accessory for the table saw that I've ever used. I've never had a case of kick back happen when I used my Grip Tite.


No matter the fence system you have on your saw, the pieces are available to make this work.


The system comes with a fourteen gauge steel plate of different lengths, depending on your fence. On the plate there are counter sunk holes. I have a Biesemeyer fence. No way I'm running screws into my fence, so there is a work around for this, or for any fence.


The work around at least for the Biesemeyer fence. Take 2 pieces of hardwood, and cut them the same length as the steel plate. Rip the boards to three and a half inches. Glue the faces of the boards together, clamp and let dry. Once the boards have dried, drill 2 7/16 holes centered on the edge. Since you need two clamps, I made my holes 12 inches from each end. It's an easy number to work with.


Lay the boards on the bench flat on one face. Lay to plate on the boards and square them up. I recommend a self centering bit to drill the pilot holes. Drive the screws that are included into the backing boards. Now you will need a pair of clamps to hold the fence to your saw fence. The clamps sold as accessories are like a C clamp but they have a 7/16 finger bent at a right angle that fits into the holes drilled on the edge earlier.


To use, clamp the plate assembly to the fence. Make sure the blade is retracted completely. Lay the board to be cut on the table against the fence. take one of the two magnetic feather boards and set the roller on the board. Keep your fingers clear and slide it toward the fence. When the magnet comes in range, it will snap against the steel plate.


I like to set the first magnet so the handle is just in front of the blade. This serves as a sure stop. When I run into the handle, I know the blade is close and it's time for a push stick.


Place the remaining feather board near the back of the table and this does two things for you. First it keeps the wood tight to the table surface. Then as the board goes off the table at the back, it keeps the board from tipping up. Make sure you have something in place like an out feed table. If the board is long enough and heavy enough, it could lever the far magnet out of place.


I like it so well I think the Grip-Tite system should be standard equipment with new table saws. But I have no pull with government despite the last name.


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