picture of large vanity

We were remodeling an apartment in 2009.  One thing that needed replacing was the vanity.  We went to both box stores and the closest thing either had to what “She who makes such decisions” wanted started at over $400 and went up to $1000 before buying the top and faucet. 

My solution was to take a quick look at what SWMSD wanted and make one myself.  Our cost including the marble top was around $400 and it’s made from solid core wood, not something allergic to water.


This particular vanity measures 48 inches wide by 22 inches deep and stands 34 and a half inches tall.  With the marble top in place it comes to 36 inches. 

Once everything was in place, there wasn’t any good way to take a final picture.  The bathroom wasn’t large enough to let us get far enough away from the front and catch everything in a picture.


The largest part is made from ¾ birch plywood and I made the face frame from maple. 

There are six drawers.  The drawer fronts are of birch ply and they are also framed with maple.  I didn’t want to mess around with edge banding that I had to iron on. 

There are two doors also framed with maple.  I used Blum Euro hinges and they were very easy to install and adjust.


I hope Norm would approve…


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