Until the idea of a web site came about, I have never kept pictures of past projects. It seemed like bragging to me. So as a result, there are a good number of things that live in my memory instead of on film. Now as long as the memory works I should be fine.

I guess since I couldn't look back at a picture, the need to keep them didn't make much sense. After all, if you spend time building something, you've already put in enough time to remember the details. However, I'm finding out just how hard it is to describe a past project to someone that relies on visual images. People often ask how to describe something to me if I can't touch it. I know that same frustration, and most people I talk to can see just fine. I keep pop sickle sticks on hand for illustrating an idea...



Ash night table

Free standing cradle 

Large vanity

A pair of cherry night tables

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