This is a great little machine if you use it for the intended purpose.  I’ve read reviews online for this tool and some of the reviews written just prove some people shouldn’t be allowed to use power tools.  

One review I read said he didn’t like the tool because it turned his chisel blue after he stuck the chisel in the guide. 

All I can say is that person didn’t know what he was doing.  I have jammed a chisel against the plate to see if I could over heat the steel and I gave up after several seconds because I didn’t feel like standing there that long.  I could still touch the sharpened area without burning myself and to turn something blue, it has to get a lot hotter than that.  Maybe I’m crazy, but if I jam a chisel in the guide and can’t move it, the first thing that comes to mind is to turn the motor off, then get the chisel loose.  But I’ll jump down from my soap box and talk about the tool and not people that probably shouldn’t use it…


If you want a machine that will put a sharp edge on something, be it a chisel or plane iron, this will do a great job.  And that is all they claim about the tool. 


If you are wanting to recondition a chisel that has done battle with nails and lost, this won’t work.  You will need a grinder to get rid of the nicks or gouges depending on how badly you abused your chisel.


What you get:
The WorkSharp is a small machine with glass plates that spin horizontally.  The speed is only 525 RPMs so over heating is going to take some real effort. 

You get a small supply of pressure sensitive adhesive, PSA, disks of varying grit.  Then you apply one grit to one side of the plate and another grit to the other side, and just flip the plate to move to a finer grit. 

I bought extra plates so I don’t have to take a disk off and put on another one.  In my shop it’s hard to lay something down and not expect it to get dust on it.  And there goes the adhesive… 


On the side of the case is a tool rest to place the tool being sharpened.  This tool rest has a guide that can be tightened until the edges of the piece touch, squaring the blade, and then you advance the edge against the spinning disk.  Just touch the bevel of the tool against the disk for a second or two, and back it away.  This will keep you from over heating the tool.   

The tool rest has a spring loaded lock to preset the angle to grind.  There are stops at 20, 25, 30 and 35 degrees. 

I have a problem with the cost of the replacement disks, and depending on how often you go through them, there is a solution.  Body shops buy PSA disks in rolls of 100.  As long as you get the six inch diameter disks, you can save a good bit of money buying them through a parts supply store.  This is a great little addition to the arsenal of sharpening tools. 


Mine has a funny story behind it too.  I bought it and when I came home, no one was here.  So I quickly put it in the shop behind my table saw.  I figured it was out of sight and it would be safe there. 


After the project I was working on for the day was finished, I went back to the shop, figuring no one ever comes to the shop after dark but me. 

I sat on the floor and opened the box to take out my WorkSharp. 

I only had it out for a minute and I hear the shop door open.  “What’s that?”  Oh boy!  My wife has caught me with a new toy… 

“It’s a great little grinder I got today!  Look!  This tool rest has stops in place so I don’t have to ask you for help setting the right angle!” 

My enthusiasm wasn’t appreciated at all.

When I came in from the shop for the night, I was checking emails and my wife brought me my mail.  “You got a flyer from Woodcraft today.  Here is a discount coupon that came with it.”

“Oh great! I'm always finding something I want there.”  I said. 

“It was on the cover along with a picture of your $200 grinder you got today.”

Busted is right.  So I thought I'd show her what a great job this can do, and I sharpened her block plane for her. She hasn’t

gotten over the price yet, but she does like the way her plane works now.


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